Home Design


Our vessels have been designed with four major factors in mind:
1. Safety
2. Performance
3. Pleasure
4. Maintenance and Resale

  • Safety of captain and crew is paramount when venturing beyond the horizon. All Altima yachts have hull configurations that stress strength and durability. Our hulls have front collision zones and bulkheads designed to absorb and control damage caused by floating and semi submerged dangers. Our running gear is protected by full keels and propeller pockets (optional). Top decks are designed with wide and sheltered walk arounds capped by superb bulwarks and railing systems for ease of vessel operation in any kind of weather.

  • Our yachts feature semi planning hulls which allow speeds not usually found in vessels of our displacement. Cruising speeds average 17+ knots with top “get out of trouble” speeds exceeding 20+ knots. Range of our larger vessels at 9 knots can exceed 1,400 miles with a burn rate of 1.5 MPG. Sea keeping capabilities are superb. Weight management, weight placement, deep keels, and fine entries combine for excellent natural stability in any sea. Low shaft angles also contribute to very efficient acceleration and fuel consumption.

  • If properly designed, life on a cruising yacht should be as comfortable as that in you home on land. Inclusion and placement of all the “comforts of home” are critical to enjoyment on the water. The ability to achieve this balance in a confined space like a yacht requires focus and ingenuity. More on this subject in Layouts below.

  • The true cost of a yacht is not the buy price… it’s the buy price plus operating costs minus the resale price. Altima yachts improves your investment picture in three ways:

    – Our boats are among the “biggest bangs for the buck” in the industry… so you save going in.

    – Our boats are designed to be as maintenance free as possible. Wood is kept indoors… no exterior trim that requires expensive upkeep or replacement. All stainless is highest grade 316. All windows are tinted for interior UV protection. Shaft angles are very low reducing wear on engines, transmissions and bearings. Our hulls and engine packages produce excellent fuel utilization resulting in significant savings over the life of the vessel.

    – Our boats are conservative in profile. Our designs are traditional and time tested therefore not subject to falling out of fashion. Therefore, resale values should continue to be high.